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Do you feel more comfortable visiting the Wellnessboot in Mill wearing swimwear? Visit our wellness resort on Tuesdays! Every Tuesday we have a swimwear-allowed-day at the Wellnessboot in Mill. On these days you can use special entrance tickets ata reduced price (all other entrance forms including offers and packages are also valid on this day).


A swimwear-allowed-day is ideal when it's your first time of going to a spa. You can get acquainted with a day of wellness in an accessible way. How about a day of wellness with friends? A swimwear-allowed-day is the ideal opportunity for this. Unlike other wellness resorts, we have deliberately chosen to introduce a swimwear-may-day. With us it is possible to visit both with and without swimwear. Many guests start their wellness day in swimwear and end their day without any swimwear because this turns out to be more pleasant. Often the barrier to start without swimwear is quite high. Guests who do not want to wear swimwear can still go to the Wellnessboot Mill 7 days a week.


Which swimwear is allowed....

For hygienic reasons, it is only allowed to wear tight / fitted shorts and bathing suits / bikinis that are made of polymide and elastane (not 100% polyester). Long swimming trunks, skirts and bathing suits with skirts are not allowed.