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Of course, you do not live by the principle that the rules are made for breaking. We know that you will enjoy a pleasant and safe quality time and you wish others to have it too. That is why we are asking you to bear in mind the following:



  • Wellnessboot is waiting for you from Sunday-Thursday 10:30-22:30, Friday - Saturday 10:30-23:30;
  • With one visit, you can enjoy the Wellnessboot up to 13 hours;
  • If you happen to have such a pleasurable time that you forget to keep track of time, you will have to pay additional fees according to the price list;
  • We calculate the additional fees for the exceeded visiting time in accordance with the current price list.



  • If you purchase a ticket to the spa, you have promised to us that you’re sufficiently healthy, wise and vigorous enough for using our services. If you bring along child, you will also be responsible for him or her;
  • We ask all our visitors to speak in a quiet voice in the public spa and relaxing areas;
  • When your stomach starts gurgling, or your throat dries up, you can have a meal and drinks in the spa bar. Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring your own food and beverage;
  • Entering the spa is entirely at your own risk. There is no supervision, visitors and / or supervisors are responsible for their own swimming skills.



  • Children are welcome on Sundays until 18:00 (age 4 t/m 11 years);
  • If the smallest one of the family has not been potty-trained, please use swim diapers;
  • Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children, teach them that they cannot always run, scream, jump in the spa;
  • The children up to 18 years of age will be able to enjoy the delights of the Wellnessboot when accompanied by an adult;
  • Children are the flowers of life, so do not leave them unattended, and explain to them the spa etiquette.



  • A day in the spa is all about being offline. Reading a book, counting stars and staring endlessly into the distance, that's what it's all about! So that's why we ask you to store your cell phone in the lockers, e-readers are allowed… for reading of course (when there’s no camera build in);
  • We all love snapshots for Facebook and Instagram but taking photos and / or filming is strictly prohibited.



  • At the reception, we will give you a wristband with a chip with which you can open a locker in the dressing room;
  • Do not interchange the wristbands with each other or take them out of the Wellnessboot;
  • If you happen to lose the wristband, you will have to pay for the damage in accordance with the current price list;
  • Do not be dismayed when you see both men and women in the dressing room. We use the fashionable unisex-type dressing room, but the restrooms are separate for the different sexes;
  • If you forget your towel at home, you can lease a bath towel or a bathrobe from the front desk of the Wellnessboot according to the current price list;
  • In the dressing room, choose a locker for yourself which can be repeatedly opened-closed;
  • Be careful with your belongings, because the Wellnessboot is not responsible for items left in the locker;
  • While the ringtone of your phone might be enchanting, please turn your mobile to the silent mode;
  • Transparent bags are allowed: you can bring a good book, reading glasses, sunscreen etc. 
  • Since a clean body does not cause remorse, please wash before entering the Wellnessboot. If your face is emblazoned with cosmetics, please remove them, and if possible, tie up your long hair;
  • After a visit to the Wellnessboot and showering, please dry yourself. Only then enter the locker room;
  • Leave the dying of hair, using of body care products, and shaving for the privacy of your home;
  • As your health is important to us, please be careful in the showers and locker rooms. The floors may be wet and slippery;
  • If you leased a bath towel or a bathrobe, please return them to the front desk of the Wellnessboot. If you lose the rented item, you will have to pay for the damage in accordance with the current price list;
  • Forgotten and found items are stored for three months. After this period, we make the less fortunate people happy with a donation of these items.



  • Choose the place for swimming or attraction according to your skills, and the sauna based on your health;
  • Do not jump into the water in the swimming pools;
  • You look good in a fashion bikini. Despite this, the most suitable outfit for our special bathing suits Tuesdays is traditional tight swimwear – swimsuits and trunks;
  • Wearing clothing is not permitted. Flip-flops, on the other hand, are mandatory, except for wearing them in sauna cabins;
  • Within the scope of the expierenceprogram, we distribute various body peelings and beauty masks to the guests. Taking his/her personal tolerance into consideration, it is up to each guest to decide whether he/she accepts the distributed products or the offer. No liability is accepted for any skin irritations possibly resulting from these supplementary offers, including infusions.
  • Infusion agents must not be brought in and used by the guests. The infusion may only be carried out by trained personnel of Wellnessboot.
  • Take some time off in the Wellnessboot and move calmly – hurrying and running on the wet floor is dangerous for both you and to others;
  • Wellnessboot is not liable for your injuries or other health failures;
  • Please pay attention to the explanatory pointers and signboards in the Wellnessboot;
  • For any questions or problems, please kindly contact the Wellnessboot;
  • If you’ve gone too far with booze, for the sake of the safety of the Wellnessboot we will have to remove you from the complex;
  • If you behave dangerously or inappropriately, the spa staff may reprimand you;
  • Take into consideration the other guests of the Wellnessboot;
  • For the sake of cleanliness and your wellbeing, please use towels for sitting. When you are finished with enjoying the sauna, take a shower;
  • At our restaurants, lounge and terrace we ask you to use a bathrobe:
  • We all want the best spot near to the pool. So, let’s share it. Please do not occupy the sun beds with towels once having left the pool area. It is not permitted to reserve seating or lying areas with towels, bags, or other items.
  • You can smoke only in the specially designated area.
  • If you have any specific comments or observations on the use of the Wellnessboot, then feel free to share them with us;



  • Of course, it’s very exciting to go to the spa with your partner but a sauna is not a place for intimacies and even a simple hug gets a different load;
  • Extensive kissing and intense holding aren’t allowed. Other guests may feel discomfiting by this;
  • Treat others how you want to be treated. Wanted or unwanted intimacies are not allowed;
  • If you behave inappropriately, staff may reprimand or even deny you access.



  • Book the appointments for your treatments well in advance at the website or by e-mail to The wellness reception can be reached at the following number: +31485471717;
  • Before booking, be sure that your health would be acceptable for the relevant treatment;
  • If you want a favourite specialist to take care of you, please let us know when booking;
  • Do not hesitate to ask about any concerns – the Wellnessboot receptionists are kindly ready to answer all your questions.



  • We know that sometimes there may be unexpected events. If you are late by 15 minutes, the time of your treatment will also be shortened by a quarter of an hour. When you arrive even later, we cannot guarantee that the procedure will take place. It is worth remembering that even in the case of being late, you must pay for the treatment in its entirety. If necessary, you can change the booking in accordance with the availability of free times;
  • If you are not able to come to the booked relaxation, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance, either via e-mail or by phone +31485471717;
  • The advance payment made for the treatments is not refundable.



  • Sometimes you are surely in such a hurry that every minute is counted. However, please arrive at the treatment 5-10 minutes early, so that you would be able to let the administrator know that you have arrived, leave your outerwear in the wardrobe, and relax in order to set the tone for the impending pleasures;
  • If a relaxing massage or a bath and hand treatment is awaiting you, remove all your baubles, bangles and beads;
  • We give you the boy scouts word of honour that spa treatments are carried out by professional spa staff who use only high-quality care products;
  • Before letting us take care of you, tell the specialist honestly about all your health problems and special conditions (chronic diseases, allergies, pregnancy, etc.);
  • We will let you know during the procedures what products we use, at what stage we currently are and what kind effect the treatment is supposed to have;
  • Your 100% satisfaction is important to us. Do not hesitate to let the Wellnessboot staff know whether you are comfortable and feel good;
  • We are very grateful if, after the treatment, you share with us constructive feedback on your spa experience. This valuable information helps us to understand your expectations, hopes and needs better, and thanks to this we will be able to give you even more pleasure on your next visits.